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This article explains the different data sets that are accessible via Piclo Flex, where to find them and how to use them.

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What Data is Available?

Piclo is committed to providing transparent and accessible data to everyone who needs it. Below is a table that summarises the data available and where to find it:

Access for Everyone Access for Logged in Flexible Service Providers
Live competition data Via map Via map
Historic competition data Via download on landing page Via download on map page
Historic bidding data Via download on landing page Via download on landing page

Live Competition Data

A live competition is regarded as any competition being in an active state, such as when qualification or bidding is open. Piclo makes these competitions easily accessible and visible via the map on the dashboard.

See what’s live now on the map. You can also learn more about competitions in the Piclo Academy

For those registered flexible service providers (FSPs), a link to the live competition data in XLSX format is available to download at the top right hand corner of the map page.

Please note that this option is only available to registered and logged in FSPs. 

There aren’t always live competitions, so don’t be discouraged if you can’t see anything live at the time of viewing. New competitions can be added at any time, so keep an eye out for updates on our system operator profile directory.

Registered FSPs will get email notifications when new competitions are added, so consider registering for Piclo Flex today.

Historic Competition Data

Any competition on Piclo that has closed for participation is classified as a historic competition. A historic competition will often (but not always) be accompanied with historic bidding data. However not all competitions have had FSPs participate, therefore not all historic competitions have bids associated.  

Every historical competition on Piclo will be visible in the historic competition data file (shown below). Historic competition data can be found via a downloadable XLSX file on the landing page of Piclo Flex.

Where competition boundaries were created via postcode data, that information is included in the historic competition data file. However, most recent competitions are being created via GeoPackage data, which is not possible to include in this XLSX file . Piclo is working on providing access to historical competition boundary data, please email support to request a copy of the latest boundary data at any time.

Historic Bidding Data

Every competition will become historic after the period of bidding is over, however as mentioned, not every competition is guaranteed to have bidding data associated with it. This is because some competitions will not have any FSP participants. If when looking at historical competition data, there is no corresponding bidding data, please assume that this competition did not have any FSP participation..

Every bid received via Piclo is visible in the historic bidding data file. Historic bidding data can be found via a downloadable XLSX file on the landing page of Piclo Flex. 

Insights that can be found in this bidding data include:

  • The range of values for accepted bids
  • The range of values for rejected bids
  • The reasons for rejected bids
  • The competitions that did not have any participation (requires cross referencing with historic competition data file).

Support with Data Files

Piclo has provided all the relevant data in XLSX formats that are easily viewed and manipulated via Excel or other spreadsheet tools. 

If you need any support or have any specific questions, please email us at We’re always happy to help. Otherwise there’s a range of helpful hints and tips on the following URLs:

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