Advanced Bidding: Split Bids

This feature allows a Flexibility Service Provider (FSP) to take their whole capacity for a service window and split this into smaller options which can offer different values against subsets of capacity. 

From September 2023, Piclo requires assets to upload capacity using four fields, which are then summed to two directions mentioned in this article, 'Active Import' and 'Active Export'. Please consult this article for further information.

You can find a concise module on splitting bidding via the Piclo Academy

To split a bid follow these steps:
Go to Manage > Bids > Submit New Bids
Select the ‘bid’ button for the relevant competition 
Select the 'split bid' button

This will bring up another data entry row for that service window, so you can enter as many different smaller bids as you require.


Continue to enter your bid data, remember that the total of all split bids per service window can not exceed either the total qualified capacity or MW needed (whichever is the lower).
Scenario one

A FSP has 3 MW of qualified capacity to use. Via the split bid functionality they can submit the first 1 MW at price A (£10/MWh, then the second 1 MW at price B (£12/MWh) and final 1 MW at price C (£14/MWh). 

Split bid

Please note, that it is the responsibility of the FSP to read and adhere to the bidding rules for any competition set out by the contracting System Operator.

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