Advanced Bidding: Asset Specific Bids

This feature allows a flexible service provider (FSP) to take the default aggregated assets for a competition and specifically choose which assets to include in a bid. This then impacts the total qualified capacity that is available to bid with, and additional bids can be made with the remaining qualified capacity. Assets used in one bid can not be submitted again in a second bid for the same competition.

To bid using specific assets follow these steps
Go to Manage > Bids > Submit New Bids 
Select the 'view or edit included assets' link

A pop-up will display a list of the qualified assets aggregated together for this competition


Select the assets that are not required for this bid and confirm (as demonstrated in the screenshot above)

The page will update the total qualified capacity for this bid. Then enter the bid values and submit this bid
Additional bids can then be submitted with the remaining qualified capacity.
Scenario one

A FSP who is an aggregator with two assets qualifying for a competition, where those assets are managed on behalf of two clients:

This user can submit the first bid with just one of those assets  and then a second bid with client B's asset (According to client A and B's pricing strategy, respectively). 

Scenario two

A FSP has 3 qualified assets for a competition. One asset has 0.6 MW and the other two have a total of 0.4 MW giving a total of 1 MW qualified capacity: 

When the FSP first comes to their bid page, they have 3 qualified assets and can enter up to 1 MW of capacity per service window (assuming that the flexibility need is also 1 MW). 

They open the view or edit assets link and de-select the 0.6 MW asset and confirm. The page then refreshes and they have the remaining 2 qualified assets totalling 0.4 MW so the bid they enter is for 0.4 MW. 

They then 'add another bid' and the remaining 0.6 MW asset is pre-selected (they can not select the assets for which they already bid with) and submit a second bid. These two bids are independent of each other. 

Asset specific bidding

Please note, that it is the responsibility of the FSP to read and adhere to the bidding rules for any competition as set out by the contracting SO.

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