Bid Results

Once the system operator (SO) has confirmed all bid results of a competition, Piclo automatically sends a notification email to participating flexible service providers (FSPs). This email includes prompts to view the bid results (i.e. which bids have been accepted or rejected).

When are Bid Results Received?

Bid results will be available via your Piclo account when the SO has confirmed the competition. An email notification should be received by 7pm UTC that same day. If you're expecting to receive bid results from a competition but you have not received an email, first check your account before emailing Piclo for additional support.

How to View Bid Results

Bid results can be found in your Piclo account, go to Manage > Bids > Bid Results. The results of which bids were accepted or rejected can be viewed in two ways:

Via the platform - all competitions that have been participated in are listed on the bid results page. Select the ‘view’ button next to an individual competition to be taken to the 'view bid results page' for that competition. 

Via a file - on the 'bid results' page, select the ‘download bidding history’ button in the top navigation. This file will show all competition bid results associated with your FSP. 

If a bid has been rejected, there will be a reason provided by the SO and this is visible in either view.

What Happens to Accepted Bids?

All bids that have been accepted are deemed to be ‘contractual obligations’. To view the contractual obligations of a FSP via your Piclo account, go to Manage > Contracts and download the 'contractual obligations' file. 

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