Planned Asset Data Update

Piclo has released an improved way for Flexibility Service Providers (FSPs) to upload planned assets and this article will assist FSPs in making the necessary changes. 

How to update existing planned assets?

In order to make this change effective, we will need FSPs to update all current planned asset data. This can be done by:

  1. Upgrading planned assets to ‘In Development’ 
  2. Upgrading planned assets to ‘Operational’
  3. Demoting the asset status to ‘Archived’ if the asset is no longer going ahead

The three updates above can be completed by updating the 'asset status' column within your existing assets file. For further details on how to edit existing assets, please see Adding and Editing Assets or view the Piclo Academy module here.

We kindly ask you to update your asset statuses as soon as possible. Should there still be unchanged planned assets in the system at a to be decided deadline date, these planned assets will be automatically archived. 

If you want to add new planned assets to the system, please use the new sheet in the asset file called ‘Planned Assets’ to do so, detailed instructions can be found within Adding and Editing Planned Assets. Please note that this is a new version change to the file. Any file with a version number lower than 3.00 will no longer be supported. You can always find the latest template by downloading the template form within Manage > Assets or downloading your existing assets, which will populate the latest version.

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