Bid Negotiations

Once bids are made and the competition window has closed, the system operator (SO) and Flexible Service provider (FSP) may enter negotiations over the specific price delivered. In order to assist with market visibility and data, the results of these negotiations can be submitted to Piclo for record keeping and to allow the platform to be consistent with the resultant contract. The below guidance is how a successful negotiation works:

  1. If a SO would like to negotiate a bid, the first step is to inform Piclo of the bid(s) that require a negotiation process
  2. Between the SO and Piclo, a discussion will take place with regards to how and when communication will take place with the relevant FSP(s). Within this communication the FSP must be informed that their original bid will be rejected, they will receive an email informing them of this, and that their final negotiation will be logged manually within Piclo
  3. The SO should now reject the bids they wish to negotiate and confirm the competitions once ready
  4. The SO may now negotiate the bid directly with the FSP
  5. Once the final negotiation has been confirmed, Piclo requests that the SO reports back the following details: 
    1. Ballot ID
    2. Bid ID
    3. Competition ID
    4. Competition ref
    5. Service Period Name
    6. New price details 

Note that if the original bidded capacity has changed as part of the negotiation, we will need to manually update the original bid to reflect this.

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