Piclo Support

Piclo offers services to each system operator (SO) which is detailed in this support article. 

Piclo has a dedicated Customer Success team that will support SO’s whilst they use Piclo Flex. The level of support will depend on your contract agreed with Piclo which might include:

  • Personalised demonstrations and onboarding assistance
  • SO and FSP support articles
  • In app support tool (links to support articles and email support)
  • Email support and virtual meetings
  • Support calls during key competition dates or as required 
  • Market engagement during competition rounds
  • A DSO profile page
  • Quarterly DSO forums
  • Analytics page  

Competition Support

During competition periods, Piclo will support SOs with delivering Market engagement strategy to support Flexible Service Provider (FSP) engagement. Piclo provides SOs with competition overview reports which will be useful during competition rounds. The competition overview report will allow the SOs to understand the FSPs engagement levels by showing the below data as applicable:

  • FSPs asset status (qualifying or non qualifying).
  • FSPs competition qualification status (whether a FSP has confirmed entry, withdrawn or remains undecided).
  • An overview of which FSPs have bid into the competitions.

The Piclo team would like to support SOs as they use Piclo Flex. If there is anything in addition to the above listed support that would be useful, please do reach out to support@picloflex.com.  

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