DSO Profile Page

DSO profile pages are a service offered to system operators (SOs) to help flexible service providers (FSPs) engage in DSO flexibility, upcoming competitions and locate key documents, data and dates. 

FSPs can use the DSO profile page to locate information about a DSO’s latest procurement activity on piclo.energy including:

  • Latest updates or public news.
  • Access to competition related documentation such as PPQ, revenue calculators and participation guidelines. 
  • Competition timeframes and key dates.

The DSO profile pages are designed to be adaptable so that they can be customised to best fit the requirements of each individual SO. During competition periods, the DSO profile page can act as a great source of information. During non competition periods, an inactive message can be displayed, as well as any additional information the SO would like to link to or draw attention to. 

How to update the DSO Profile Page

Should a SO wish to add content to the DSO profile page, Piclo will provide a template document that will allow a SO to populate the relevant content that they wish to share. 

Piclo will own and maintain the DSO profile pages on behalf of the SO which will be managed by the Customer Success team. 

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