Manage Team Permissions & Users

Use the Team page to invite new users to your Flexible Service Provider account, and view their role permissions. The team page can be found at Settings > Team. 

Roles & Permissions

Flex has 3 user roles available to Flexible Service Provider accounts. Each role grants permission to different pages in Flex, and all pages within them. 

Teams can have multiple roles per user, to allow for custom levels of permissions. 

Role Name Pages Accessible
Account Team, Organisation
Manage, Exchange
Operations Operations
Dispatch Dispatch pages, within Operations
API Access

Add & Deactivate Team Members

To invite a new colleague, select Invite New Member. New members will automatically receive the Procurement role only.

Up to 8 users can be added to a Piclo account from the Team page.

To change user roles, add more users, or deactivate colleague accounts, please contact Piclo Support at

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