Manage Team Permissions & Users

Piclo offers granular permissions to ensure Flexibility Service Providers (FSPs) can tailor access rights within their team, adhering to the principle of least privilege. This approach ensures team members have access only to the necessary functionalities for their specific roles.

Invite your colleagues to join your Flexibility Service Provider Organisation on Piclo Flex or view your teams' permissions. The team page can be found at Settings > Team. You can add up to 8 members to your team, if you require more seats please contact Piclo Customer support.

Permissions Overview

By default all Flexibility Service Providers have:

  1. Procurement: Allows viewing of competitions and uploading assets, facilitating participation.
  2. Bid Admin: Enables submission and editing of bids, critical for engaging with competitions.
  3. Account: Grants the ability to manage team member roles and permissions, essential for maintaining team access control.

Optional additional permissions:

  1. Settlement: Currently in Beta and enabled for relevant Flexibility Service Providers that participate in LCM or other competitions that include settlement

Customising Permissions

New invites inherit your permissions. To adjust, review team roles and contact Piclo Flex Support.

Removing or Deactivating Team Members

To change user roles, add more users, or deactivate colleague accounts, please contact Piclo Support.

API Integration for FSPs

Flexibility Service Providers can enhance their Piclo Flex experience through API integration, enabling automated tasks and data exchange.

  • Obtain API Credentials: Contact Piclo Support to request API credentials. These will be provided along with access to a test environment.
  • Credentials on Team Page: API credentials appear as an email address on the Team page, identifiable by including .


For assistance with permissions setup or adjustments, please reach out to Piclo Support at Our team is available to help you optimise your Piclo setup to best suit your organisational needs.

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