Piclo Max FAQs

What is Piclo Max? 

Piclo Max is designed for Flexibility Service Providers (FSPs). It simplifies participation, enhances market engagement, and maximises portfolio potential by providing access to multiple electricity markets through a single interface.

What is changing for me?

The new Piclo Max experience provides a detailed overview of your current market opportunities, including revenue estimates, key market dates, and 'The Stack,' which identifies the best upcoming opportunities and actions for your portfolio of assets. 

Where can I find DSO Flex competitions?

All existing features and functionality on the Piclo platform are available through Piclo Max, including assess to local flexibility markets, now integrated into the Piclo Max ecosystem.

You can easily access all your Piclo Flex data and find market opportunities at piclomax.com/dashboard.

What markets can I access via Piclo Max?

Currently, the platform supports entry into several UK local flexibility markets:

DSO Markets:

  • Electricity North West Limited
  • ESB Networks (competition visibility only)
  • Northern Powergrid
  • National Grid Electricity Distribution (including week ahead tenders from June 2024)
  • Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (competition visibility only) 
  • SP Energy Networks

We are collaborating with UK Power Networks and Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks to expand access fully to all markets by the autumn 2024 tender rounds.

ESO Markets:

  • Local Constraint Market (LCM)

How do I log in to Piclo Max? 

Existing users can log into their Piclo account using the same username and password as previous, ensuring a smooth transition to the new interface. 

If you are new to Piclo, register here.

How can Piclo Max streamline my market participation process?

Piclo Max enables you to manage your entire asset portfolio through a single platform. With access to multiple markets and more to be added, Piclo Max eliminates the need to register and manage data across different platforms. Piclo Max takes care of all data transfers, ensuring seamless integration and ease of use as you navigate and expand the markets that you are active in.

Will I still be able to use my API set up?

API users will see no changes to their integrations or environment. All endpoints, API keys, and user credentials will remain unchanged until further notice.

Will I be able to access my old contracts & data? 

Yes, all your existing data such as assets, contracts, bids, and dispatches will be accessible via Piclo Max. As an existing user, you will be automatically enrolled in Piclo Max, where you can continue using familiar features and enjoy new enhancements that simplify and improve market participation.

What does Piclo Max cost? 

Currently, Piclo Max is free to use for FSPs. Specific terms do apply to some of the markets that Piclo Max provides access to, for more details, please read the Market Specific Terms.

Is Piclo Exchange affected? 

Piclos Exchange facilitates secondary trading of contracts, such as Capacity Market agreements. You can now find the Exchange at its new location piclomax.com/exchange, where all previous listings and bids have been maintained.

Are there any training sessions or webinars for Piclo Max?

We are always keen to meet you and help support you with any questions you may have. Please send an email to support@piclo.energy or book a demo with one of us.

Can I suggest features or improvements for Piclo Max?

We love your feedback, Piclo Max is in active development. Send us an email to support@piclo.energy to book a design session with our Max team.

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