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Piclo Max is an intuitive platform that provides Flexibility Service Providers (FSPs) with a streamlined interface to easily access multiple electricity markets, enhancing their experience and participation.

A platform designed for tomorrow's electricity markets

Piclo Max is designed for the future, ready to adapt to new markets and opportunities as they emerge. It keeps Flexibility Service Providers (FSPs) ahead in the electricity markets, making it easy to handle the changing landscape. Whether it's local flexibility or wholesale opportunities, Piclo Max is your partner in fully leveraging market potential.

Empowering the energy transition 

Piclo Max is more than just a platform; it's part of a broader mission to decarbonise global power grids. By making it easier to enter and participate in the market, Piclo Max helps speed up the shift towards a more sustainable energy system.

Key Features and Benefits to FSPs

Unified Interface: Access and manage multiple electricity markets through a single, streamlined platform.

Portfolio Valuation Insight: Get a clear view of the potential value of your assets across all selected markets.

Informed Decision-Making: Easily compare market values and opportunities to enhance your portfolio's performance.

Effort Reduction: Simplify market participation processes to save time and reduce complexity.

Future-Proof: Keep up-to-date with a platform designed to adapt to new markets and opportunities.

Sustainability Contribution: Contribute significantly to the transition towards a more sustainable energy system.

Operational Efficiency: Utilise advanced tools for swift and effective actions in your markets.

Should you wish to discuss Piclo Max in more detail, please contact support@piclo.energy

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