SO Services

System Operators who are buying flexibility services via the DSO Flex Marketplace will be provided with the following core services.

Service will evolve in the future as new features are developed. This table is accurate as of June 2020.
Flexibility Needs Signposting
  • Ability for Flex Buyers to upload and modify information on Flexibility Needs
  • Public signposting of uploaded Flexibility Needs
  • Automatic notifications to Flex Sellers
  • Access to Basic Asset Info in accordance to with Visibility Rules
  • Social media and trade press marketing
  • Mentions in Flex Seller newsletter
  • Representation in Piclo hosted webinars
Company Qualification 
  • Ability for Flex Buyers to create and manage a Company Qualification Register
  • Ability for Flex Buyers to accept or reject applicants onto the Company Qualification Register
  • Option for the Company Qualification Register to be configured as a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS)
  • Option for the Company Qualification Register to be configured to interface with the Flex Buyer’s internal DPS or procurement platform
  • Ability for Flex Buyers to run Competitions for any of their Flexibility Needs
  • Ability for Flex Buyers to support different Competition types including Auctions or Fixed Price Competitions
  • Flex Sellers with qualifying assets automatically notified at Competition Start Date
  • Ability for Flex Sellers to group assets when bidding into Competitions
  • Ability to support different bid types including availability bids, utilisation bids or capacity bids (or a combination)
Technical Qualification
  • Access to Detailed Asset Info for any Qualifying Assets 
  • Ability for Flex Buyers to override the qualification status of Qualifying Assets
  • Flex Sellers to be notified of qualification decisions including the reasons why Assets or Flex Sellers may have failed qualification.
  • Ability to access and download historical qualification decisions
Competition Results
  • Ability for Flex Buyers to access and download bids after the Competition End Date
  • Ability to accept or reject bids
  • Automatic notification for relevant Flex Sellers 
  • Publication of Competition Results in accordance to the Visibility Rules
Insights & Analytics
  • Ability to access all historical Competition data
  • Ability to access aggregate data on Flex Sellers engagement and assets
Contracts and Availability Updates
  • Ability to view all relevant Flex Seller Contractual Obligation Data
  • Ability to access relevant Flex Seller Asset Availability 
  • Automatic notifications to Flex Buyers of any changes to availability

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