Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) File

This article outlines the data requirements of the System Operator 'DPS' file. This article was last updated in July 2020 and refers to version 1.0 of the create DPS template.
There is one sheet in this file and the information is uploaded in Piclo via your account manager (not via file upload). The structure of the DPS is design to support to the requirements of The Utilities Contracts Regulation for DPS in the UK.
Title Description Example
Reference The unique identifying reference used to associated this DPS with competitions. SO_DPS_2020-2025
Contracting party name The legal name of the System Operator counter signing the Flexibility Services contract. SO Legal Name Ltd
Address The address of the contracting party. 10 The Road, The City, Country
Country code The ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code of the address of the contracting party. GB
Telephone A contact phone number for the contracting party. 0123 456 789
Email A contact email address for the contracting party. so_procurement@so.com
Website An appropriate web address for the contracting party. so.com
DPS Name The name given to this DPS that will be shown and used in reference to those applying. System Operator DPS for 2020-2025
DPS Description A full description of the services that will be contracted under this DPS. For the procurement of a range of flexibility services for a
variety of location needs between 2020 and 2025
DPS Open Date When the DPS is open to the public to apply. 2020-01-01 09:00
DPS Close Date When the DPS is closed to the public and application will no longer be accepted. 2026-01-01 16:00
Estimated total value The total estimated value of all the commercial contracts that are expected to be signed under this DPS. 2,000,000
Currency The currency that this contracted value is displayed in. £
Supporting documents A URL link to the supporting documentation for this procurement process. so_flexibility_services.com

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