Contractual Obligations

This article outlines the data provided to the System Operator via the 'Contractual obligation' file. This article was last updated in April 2021 and refers to version 1.1 of Contractual obligations which can be downloaded by System Operators from their accounts. When competitions have been confirmed, all accepted bids will automatically be available to download from within the Contracts area of the platform. 

This file is a work in progress but can be used to help System Operators prepare the winning bid contracts with the Flex Providers. The file is made up of three sheets and contains the following data:


This sheet contains all the accepted bids associated to competitions.

Title Description                                                                                                                                                        
Piclo Contract ID The unique ID automatically assigned to a contractual obligation.
Buying contracting party The System Operator.
Selling contracting party The Flex Provider company.
Contract type Defaulted to 'DSO flexibility'. In future other contract types may exist.
Contract status Defaulted to 'Awarded'. In future, the System Operator may be able to define a different status such as withdrawn or contracted.
Competition name
The human-readable name given to the competition area.
Service period Name of the service period as defined in the competition file.
Service window Name of the service window as defined in the competition file.
Start date The start date of the service period.
End date The EXCLUSIVE end date of the service period.
Service days What days of the week the flexibility is required for. 
Bank holidays Designation of public holidays to be included or excluded (ignored) from service days for the purpose of calculating available hours across the service window.
Start time Start time of the day for the flex required.
End time End time of the day for the flex required.
Contract capacity The accepted capacity that the Flex Provider bid in with.
Capacity type The flexible power capacity type (e.g. active export capacity).
Max runtime The maximum length of time that the asset in the accepted bid can sustain capacity.

Obligated Assets

This sheet allows a System Operator to map the assets associated to each of the contractual obligations by using the unique Piclo Contract ID. Each contract ID will show which assets are within the obligation as well as each assets associated details.

Availability Variations

When Flex Providers have the ability to declare their asset availability, it will be stored here. This feature is not available yet.

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