Pricing Signals

Piclo provides system operators (SOs) the tools to show suggested pricing or ‘pricing signals’ for each competition as a way to help the market consider their pricing strategies.

According to the different strategies deployed by SOs, there is a variety of pricing signal data options:

  • Maximum and minimum budget (£) - these ranges are assigned per competition per year
  • Availability guide pricing (£/MW/h or £/MVAr/h) - should be used as a guide to help flexible service providers (FSPs) price availability bids 
  • Utilisation guide price (£/MW/h or £/MVAr/h) - should be used as a guide to help FSPs price utilisation bids 
  • Service fee (£/MW/h or £/MVAr/h) - the annual fee paid for capacity as per the SO's payment structure

If pricing signals are offered by a SO they can be found on the map. 

Click on a competition to bring up the details, any pricing signals will be visible if they have been included. Please note the below screenshot is to demonstrate where to find these details.

Further Help on Pricing Bids

Piclo also provides past and present competition data (incl. bids) to help FSPs price their bids. 

Details on how to access and utilise this can be found in market data access.

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