DPS / Company Qualification Setup

A system operator (SO) can utilise the Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) or company qualification feature on Piclo Flex. This article will go through the process of how to use this feature. 

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What is the DPS?

The DPS allows SOs to pre-approve a flexible service provider (FSP) company for any of the competitions that the SO may run.

Piclo designed this feature based on the principles of a DPS as defined by the UK Utilities Contracts Regulations 2016, namely that:

  • applications are open to everyone
  • rejected applicants can reapply any number of times
  • the process is electronic

It is optional for a SO to choose to run competitions using a DPS. If the SO decides to facilitate a DPS, this can be easily set up as per the instructions described below.

Overview of the DPS Process

Piclo has a DPS form template that is currently being used on the platform by SOs. If it meets all necessary requirements, it can be enabled on the SO’s Piclo Flex account. This means that FSPs can submit their applications to the SO to be approved or rejected. Competitions that require FSPs to first be approved through the DPS can then be created. During competition engagement Piclo will promote the DPS to the market as appropriate to ensure FSPs are aware of this qualification step.

Competitions themselves must be specifically linked with a DPS in order to link FSP DPS application status with qualification for those competitions. This can be done when configuring competitions by referring to the relevant DPS Reference. Note that, should it be necessary, more than one DPS can be active at any one time.

Where applicable, FSPs will be able to see on the dashboard that they need to apply for a DPS and will be aware that this is a required step of the qualification process.

The current DPS submission form has 4 sections:

  • Organisation profile
  • Organisation status
  • Auditing, insurance and legal
  • Declare and submit

View DPS Applications

When a FSP submits an application, the SO will receive an email notification. The SO can use the notification email to view the new application, or navigate to Manage > Applications to view any pending applications that require reviewing.

There are two ways to view DPS application details. Either individually via the platform or within a file. 

Via the platform
  1. Navigate to Manage > Applications 
  2. Select the DPS 
  3. Select the relevant application 
  4. Select the ‘View application’ button to view all application details via the platform
Via a file
  1. Navigate to Manage > Applications
  2. Select the DPS
  3. Select the download file button next to the ‘Applications’ title to download a file with all application details

All files attached to applications by the FSP are downloadable by the relevant SO. If the SO decides to reject the application, they select 'reject' and provide one of the reasons as listed on a drop-down menu. This will send the FSP an automatic email informing them of the outcome. The FSP can then choose to edit their application and re-submit for further review. 

If the SO decides to accept the application, the SO should select 'accept' and submit that decision. The FSP will be automatically emailed with the outcome, and the qualification state of any assets in the competitions related to that DPS will be reassessed

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