DPS / Company Qualification Setup

The Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) or Company Qualification feature on Piclo Flex allows System Operators to pre-approve a Flex Provider (FP) company for all the competitions that the SO run using that particular DPS. 

Piclo designed this feature based on the principles of a DPS as defined by the UK Utilities Contracts Regulations 2016, namely that:

  • applications are open to everyone
  • rejected applicants can reapply any number of times
  • the process is electronic

It's optional for an SO to choose to run competitions inside a DPS. If that option is chosen, it's very simple to setup as per the steps of the DPS process as described below. 

DPS process

  1. Piclo will share the Application form used by SOs already using the platform
  2. If that form meets your requirements, Piclo will enable it on Piclo Flex for your organisation, meaning Flex Providers can submit their applications to be approved. 
  3. Any competitions that require FPs to first be approved through the DPS can then be created
  4. Piclo will promote the DPS to the market as appropriate (at least one newsletter will be sent)
  5. FPs will see (via two places on the Piclo map) that they need to apply to the DPS and be approved before their assets can qualify for that SO’s competitions. 
  6. The current DPS has 4 sections:
    1. Organisation profile details
    2. Organisation status
    3. Auditing, insurance and legal
    4. Declaration and submission
  7. Once a FP submits the form the application is 'pending'. 
  8. The SO will receive a notification for each application submitted. 
  9. The SO can click a link in the notification email and is taken to the appropriate location in their account to view the application. 
  10. All applications can viewed online or via a downloaded file 
  11. Files attached by the FP are downloadable by the SO e.g. audited accounts
  12. If the SO decides to reject the application, they select 'reject' and provide one of the drop down reasons. This will send the FP an automatic email informing them of the outcome. They can then choose to edit their application and re-submit for further review. 
  13. If the SO decides to accept the application, the user should select 'accept' and submit that decision. The FP will be automatically emailed with the outcome and any assets that were not qualifying due to not being approved will become 'qualifying'. 

To see a demo of the DPS feature, please contact your account manager. 

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