Qualification process

The qualification process for any System Operator may differ depending on how each chooses to run their procurement. The following details are Piclo's suggested process to a smooth experience and reduced admin during the procurement of flexibility.

Company qualification

Piclo suggests using the DPS / Company qualification process as the easiest way to know that only pre-qualified companies are going to take part in your competitions. 

If a DPS structure does not work, then during the technical assessment of assets, an additional assessment of the company can be done at that time (there will be overlap between companies and competitions as multiple Flex Providers will compete in multiple competitions so an external system will be required to keep track of who's qualified to take part).

Automatic technical qualification

One of the key benefits of using Piclo is the automatic technical qualification of assets. This means that we assess every asset on the following criteria for every competition and visually display if they qualify or not on the map:

  • Location: assets must be either located inside the specific boundary or in the buffer area
  • Voltage: assets must be connected to a voltage level that matches the competition requirements
  • Deadline: assets must be uploaded before the Qualification Close deadline (as set in the Competitions file)
  • Capacity: assets must have a relevant capacity that matches the competition requirements
  • DPS: [If applicable] is the Flex Provider who manages this asset approved on the DPS?

Detailed technical qualification

On the date of Qualification Open (as set in the Competitions file) the System Operator can download a file containing the full data set of every asset that is automatically qualifying. This file contains all the data points held on an asset. 

In the event that the System Operator is not using the DPS process to qualify the companies, this file also contains a cross-reference to the basic details held on each Flex Provider company that has qualifying assets. 

This data can be used by the technical team to make a more detailed assessment on whether the asset does indeed qualify for the competition, e.g. check the Meter ID is one that is connected at the right point of the network, or assess if the asset delivery speed will comply. 

It's via this file that the System Operator can either:

  • Dis-qualify an asset that was automatically qualifying or
  • Qualify an asset that didn't automatically qualify

See 'Qualification Overrides' section of the Qualified Assets file article for how this is done.

If an asset is qualifying at the time the competition opens, then that asset will be able to take part in the competition and bid for a flexibility services contract.

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