Bid management process

The Piclo competition process is designed around the ultimate come of 'Accepted bids' becoming contracted obligations for flexibility services. The process of how to get to that stage is outlined below: 

Bidding as an FP

Flex Providers who have been approved onto any connected DPSs (if applicable) that have qualifying assets can bid into competitions. The exact structure of the competition's bid process is defined in the competitions file by the SO and every bid is submitted against a Service Window of a competition. 

Fixed data points per bid:

  • Capacity (MW) - this can be up to but not over the value of the higher of either the qualifying MW or the MW required by the SO.
  • Maximum run time - this is specified in D HH:MM:SS and is the final position of the asset group (as individual assets might have different maximum run times than the group as a whole)

Definable data points per bid:

  • Availability (£/MW/h) - if it was requested via the competition file
  • Utilisation (£/MWh) - if it was required via the competition file
  • Service (£/MW) - if it was required via the competition file
  • Fix price - if fixed prices were specific then these will display in the corresponding fields and not be editable by the FP

Other features that FPs can use when bidding are:

  • Split bids - this allows the FP to divide their total MW of qualifying capacity into multiple connected splits e.g. they have 2 MW of qualifying capacity, they can bid 1 MW with price A and the second MW with price B.
  • Asset specific bids - this allows FPs to take the aggregated assets (which is the default position) and select only a sub set of those assets for a specific bid submission. If assets are removed from the group, then the associated Capacity calculation is updated e.g. if they have 2 assets both with 1 MW, and they de-select one asset, then they can only bid 1 MW with that remaining asset.
  • Multiple bids - where the FP has bid in with less than the total qualified capacity, they can choose to submit additional bids e.g. if they had 10 MW qualifying made up of a 6MW and 4 MW asset, but during their first submission they selected only one of those assets and submitted a bid for 4 MW, they could submit an additional unique bid for the second asset up to 6 MW (depending on the MW of need). 

It is best practice to clearly specify any additional bidding rules or conditions that FPs should adhere to in the pre competition documentation (or ITT). Then it would part of the bid assessment process to cross reference any bids with specific rules that were stipulated before hand. 

Managing bids as an SO

Flex providers (FPs) can edit bids right up until Competition Close date and time, however bids are only visible to system operators (SOs) once the competition is closed. SOs can see all bids via both the web app interface and also via a downloadable spreadsheet.  

There is currently no fixed timeline on when a competitions results are expected (although often it is specified in SO documentation). For each competition the SO must make a decision against each bid - with 'accept' or 'reject' (reject requires a pre determined reason). Once all bids have a status, the whole competition results can be submitted and that triggers the results being automatically notified to the FPs. 

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