Company Qualification / DPS

Once a Flexibility Service provider (FSP) is registered on Piclo, the next step is to complete the company qualification for each relevant System Operator (SO).  See Piclo Academy for the module on Company Qualification.

SOs may require FSPs to complete a Company Qualification form (DPS) on Piclo. This helps SOs to pre-qualify the contracting entity of the Flexibility Service Provider before bidding.

This will require collecting company documentation, including insurance and audited accounts. It may also require a signed contract, such as a Framework Agreement, to be uploaded to the platform by the System Operator.

Provider assets will not be eligible for competitions requiring Company Qualification, until the provider has been approved by the System Operator.

It is strongly advised to begin the application process in advance. Applications may take time for System Operators to review.

The information supplied in the form should relate to the entity that you expect to sign contracts with the System Operator. If you are representing multiple contracting entities, such as accounts representing multiple customers or Special Purpose Vehicles, please describe this in the form. Supporting documentation in ZIP files can be uploaded in the form to accommodate further documentation from multiple entities which cannot fit within the form.

The process is as follows:
  1. Go to via Manage > Applications to view the available DPS applications to choose from, from each System Operator (SO)
  2. Select the relevant DPS application and select ‘Apply’ in the top right corner.
  3. Fill in all of the required fields.
    1. Documentation on the organisation will be required, such as insurance policies and accounts, and possibly a Framework Agreement Contract (see further details and a summary of the DPS content below).
  4. Once the application is submitted, the SO receives a notification of the new application.
  5. The SO will then review the application and can decide to approve or reject.
  6. If an application is rejected, the SO is required to provide a reason. An email will be sent to notify the FSP of this decision.
  7. After a rejected application, it is possible to edit the application and re-submit any number of times.
  8. If an application is approved, an email notification is sent, but no further action is required. FSPs will now qualify for competitions where applicable, assuming qualifying assets are in competition areas and meet the qualification criteria, which can be viewed in asset qualification.

Please note: no assets will qualify for a competition where an application has yet been completed and approved. It is heavily advised to begin the application process in advance. Applications may take time for SOs to review and confirm applications. 

Details of Each Stage of the Application

1. Organisation profile

Information about the contracting entity in the Flexibility Services contract with the System Operator, including details about what relationship it has with the assets. This section includes:

  • Organisation type
  • Registered number
  • VAT number
  • Parent organisation details 
  • Legal relationship with assets 

2. Organisation status

Information relating to the historic and current financial status of the business.

3. Auditing, insurance and legal

Copies of audited accounts, insurance policies, and relevant legal liabilities.

Please note - only 1 file can be uploaded per question (this can be a ZIP file to accommodate multiple)

4. Declare and submit application

Final declaration of truth in the form. The System Operator may also require a signed contract to be submitted at this stage.

Submission History

Once an application has been submitted, a new entry will appear under submission history which will allow the FSP to view the status of the application. There are three application statuses detailed below: 

        • Pending approval - The application has been submitted and is in the process of being reviewed by the SO.
        • Approved - The application has been successfully approved by the SO.
        • Rejected - The application has been rejected and a reason will be provided by the SO. An FSP can then reapply, making any necessary corrections. 

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