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The below information is for Flexibility Service Providers (FSPs) who are interested in participating into DSO and TSO flexibility markets and how Piclo Flex can enable Flexible Service Providers to capture new revenue opportunities.

What is Piclo Flex?

Piclo Flex is the UK’s leading independent marketplace and growing internationally that brings FSPs together with Distribution System Operators (DSOs) and Transmission System Operators (TSOs) to procure local flexibility services.

FSPs with assets such as batteries, electric vehicle fleets and demand-side response are able to register, qualify and bid into competitions to win flexibility service contracts from DSOs, generating additional revenue streams. DSOs seeking flexibility services in order to transition to decarbonised, low-cost and resilient grids are able to advertise and procure flexibility services from FSPs through competitive auctions on Piclo Flex.

What is Piclo’s Role?

As our energy systems become cleaner, more distributed and diversified in response to the climate crisis, our grids come under more stress and face challenges in maintaining the delicate balance of supply and demand. Flexibility is recognised as an essential tool as we transition towards Net Zero. 

Piclo Flex drives increased participation, standardisation and scale, levelling the playing field of who can participate in flexibility markets through transparency and by streamlining processes.

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