Process Overview for Flexibility Service Providers

The following steps take you through the general overview of how flexibility service providers (FSPs) can engage with the DSO flexibility marketplace. Make sure to watch the Piclo Flex walk through course via Piclo Academy

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If you haven't already, register on Piclo Flex as a FSP:

  1. Create your personal login
  2. Create an account for the associated FSP business
  3. Once setup, you can add new logins so that your team can login and manage the same account. Please note that each person looking after the account will need their own login credentials

Review Opportunities

Once you are registered and familiar with the Piclo Flex platform, you can have a look at what competitions are live:

  1. Use the piclo map to view the latest competitions that are available
  2. Review where they are, what requirements they have and to ascertain if they might be suitable for yourself 
  3. For further details on reviewing opportunities within DSO flex, please see Market Data Access

Company Qualification

In order to take part in a competition, you might need to first sign up to a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS):

  1. In Manage > Applications, you’ll find the open applications you can apply to. 
  2. Use the form on Piclo to apply and receive approval from the system operator. 
  3. Read more about the full DPS process

Asset Qualification

Adding assets is the next key step to qualify and progress with competitions

  1. To find out all the details you need related to your assets, please read the add and manage assets help articles. 
  2. Once your assets have been loaded, the next step will be to qualify these assets once there is a relevant active competition. Read here how the qualification process works
  3. Interested in asset management automation via API? Contact us to find out more about how our APIs can help.


Assuming your business has been approved by the DPS (if required by the SO), your asset(s) pass the technical assessment and the asset(s) qualify, you will receive an automatic email from Piclo when the competition opens. 

  1. Once the DSO’s bidding is open and you are planning to bid, please read about bidding into competitions
  2. When the SO has completed their assessment of the competition, you’ll receive an email with the results 

Manage Bidding Data

A complete audit trail of bidding is available to download from your Piclo account:

  1. Go to Manage > Bids > Bid Results
  2. Download a file containing all bids submitted by your account to any competition, titled ‘Download Bidding History’. This can be found in the top right hand corner of the page. 

View Contractual Obligations

A file can be downloaded which contains contract obligations, obligated assets and any availability variations stored in Piclo Flex. 

  1. Go to Manage > Contracts
  2. Download the contracts file, available in the top right hand corner. 


You can now view your dispatch schedule in the operations section

  1. Go to Operations > Dispatch Schedule
  2. View the table for upcoming instructions


In the settlement section, you can now access the details of the required settlement data for uploading into the platform. Additionally, settlement reports and invoices are available for viewing

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