System Operator Registration

The below instructions are for system operators (SOs). If you're a flexible service provider then please refer to Register for a Flex Provider Account.

New SOs will have to first sign up to Piclo. Once an agreement is in place, the following information will be required to set up the account:

  • The SO name that you wish to be displayed on the platform
  • SO operating area (this should be provided in a geographical file format such as ESRI shapefile, KML file or GeoPackage)
  • SO brand colour(s)

Once the SO account has been created using the above details, new user accounts can then be created for additional users that will be using the account. 

Already have an SO account and would like to add a new login? Please see new login for a system operator account.

Do not attempt to 'Register' on Piclo as this will create a flexible service provider account and will not provide you with the correct functionality.

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