System Operator Data Access

This article explains the different data sets that are accessible via Piclo Flex, where to find them and how to use them.

For a full understanding of the data available for flexible service providers, please see Market Data Access.

There is a variety of useful data available to system operators within the files for a registered and logged in system operator (SO). In the table below, there is a summary of each file available, where to locate the file and the key data points available. For more detailed information,  select the link over each file name. 

File Location Data Points
Existing Competitions
Manage > Competitions All competition, service window and competition boundary data points which
have been input by the SO
Qualified Assets
Manage > Qualified Assets Entry Status
Flex Provider ID
Competition ID
Competition Ref
Competition Name
Competition Status
Asset ID
Last Modified on
Asset Status
Asset Category
Asset Type
Voltage Level
Planned asset details
Asset details provided by the FSP
Flex Provider info
Asset override status
DPS Applications
Manage > Applications > Choose an application This file will show a summary of the dps application(s) which have been received from
a flexible service provider (there will be more than one application if the application was not
approved). The file does not include any of the files uploaded via the FSP.
Unconfirmed Bids (Bid data)
Manage > Competition results > Confirm results 


Manage > Competition results > Bulk decision bids
Ballot ID
Bid ID
Competition ID
Competition Ref
Competition Name
DPS Reference
Service Period Name
Service Window Name
Offered capacity
Maximum run time
Utilisation price
Availability price
Service fee
This file also offers the ability for a So to be able to input their bid decision and the reason for rejection for any rejected bids
Competition Results
Manage > Competition results > View results Contains all competition results, both accepted and rejected and the below data points:
Bid ID
Ballot ID
Bid decision
Reason for rejection
Date of confirmation
Confirmed by
FP name
Offered capacity
Maximum runtime
Utilisation price
Service dee
Availability price
Competition ID
Competition ref
Competition name
DPS reference
All competition and service window details
Contractual Obligations Manage > Contracts Contains all accepted bids. There are three tabs within the file:
Contracted contains:
Contract details
Availability schedule

Flexibility contractedObligated assets contains:
Contract details
Basic asset details
Flexibility details
Connection details
Meter details
Technical details

Location detailsAvailability Variations contains:
Piclo Contract ID
Updated availability schedule

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