Overview for System Operators

The following steps describe the high-level overview for System Operators using the Piclo Flex Marketplace to procure DSO Flexibility Services.


New System Operators will have to first sign up to the Piclo Services Agreement (see summary of Services). Once an agreement is in place, the following steps are taken to set up your account:

  1. Your account manager will set up a System Operator account on your behalf
  2. Provide the names and emails of all the staff members that require logins to the account, your account manager will create these logins for everyone. 
  3. Do not attempt to 'Register' on Piclo as that will create a Flex Provider account which will not provide you with the correct functionality.
Create competitions

When you're ready to launch competitions, the following process should be followed:

  1. Decide first if a DPS structure is suitable (see DPS / Company Qualification Setup)
  2. Set up your competition boundaries in 'Manage' > Areas' (skip this step if you are not using GeoPackages to upload your boundary data)
  3. Download the latest competition file from 'Manage > Competitions'
  4. Support on how to complete the data can be found in the Competition file article

Piclo will automatically qualify assets that match the criteria set out in the Competitions. However, it is possible for System Operators to additionally qualify or dis-qualify assets:

  1. In 'Manage > Qualified Assets', you can download the Qualified assets file
  2. This file contains all the data on the assets that qualify for your competitions
  3. If these assets pass additional technical checks, then no further action is required
  4. If for any reason you need to dis-qualify an asset or add an asset to the qualified list, then follow the instructions in the Qualification process article
Assessing bids

Once the competitions have closed to bidding, you can complete the final stage and assess the bids for commercial viability:

  1. For each competition, you'll be able to see the bids via the interface, and download a file for offline assessment
  2. When ready to confirm the results, follow the guidelines laid out in the Bid management process and Decisioning and confirming bids help articles

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